Big Hero 6 (2014) OFFICIAL first look & casting list

Hiro Hamada - Mandy Moore
Baymax - Mandy Moore
Honey Lemon - Mandy Moore
Go Go Tomago - Mandy Moore
Wasabi - Mandy Moore
Fred - Mandy Moore

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My dad thinks he’s funny

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Elsa of Arendelle

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I just dropped a whole box of Q-Tips on the floor, but I’m going to leave them there so ants will go “Whoa! Check out this awesome weight room!”

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Elsa of Arendelle

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of all the princesses we met at Disney Aurora was the best for two solid reasons. First she recognized Stephen’s keyblade necklace and said “is that a key? I know someone who has something like that his name’s Sora. How did you get it so small? Did my fairy godmothers shrink it? They’re always doing that” Then we told her about the stepsisters in the parade trying to marry one of us and she said “Cinderella loves her sisters dearly but they’re always like that with my Prince Phillip I have to tell them that he’s spoken for.” And Stephen said “yeah well they’re not getting my prince charming!” so Aurora replied “that’s good you protect him! You princes deserve each other!”


Now she’s here shining in the starlight
Now she’s here suddenly I know





Notice that Kristoff positions his body in a way that he can slide down the slope much easier and faster, while Anna is just slipping and tumbling all over the place. A bit like the luging sport in a way! Love it when animators slip in little details like these.

a picture of sophisticated grace.

whoc cares? i mean, it’s just tOOO CUTE-

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Elsa’s signature snowflake

Without a doubt the creators of Frozen have stated that it’s prominent throughout the movie and is the basis of Elsa’s powers, so I made some screencaps of some examples where the snowflake appears. Some are in plain sight, some are subtle, some you just have to look really carefully and study the animation process! In case some are confusing and you may go "Whaaat?", here are my descriptions for each ‘cap:

  • First foot stomp: This one was subtle, but you can clearly make out the “flower” spoke of the flake.
  • Icy floor spread: A wide shot shows that the ballroom floor is mainly coated with these.
  • Powers getting stronger: Another subtle one — again, you can see the flower part on the walls and door. I was curious to see if it was visible at the end of the song’s sequence, turns out, it was just my imagination or maybe it’s super hard to make out.
  • Fountain freeze:Close inspection of the animation shows the flake’s branches.
  • "Stay away!": Jagged version of the flake.
  • Fjord freeze: All her steps consist of these.
  • Let It Go/Palace: Most obvious uses of the flakes.
  • Making of Marshmallow: Visible on the wall.
  • Anna’s face: As she begins to freeze, the flake appears on her cheek.
  • Anna’s freeze: Flake seen on her cape and they glitter and disappear after she thaws.
  • Great Thaw: Another obvious use.
  • Last foot stomp: Semi-subtle, flower spoke seen again.

It’s possible that I may have missed a few, but hey, gotta love artistic movie design processes!

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the evolution of Kristoff looking at Anna (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Disney Parks + animated outfit study

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